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Mr. Nistico, meet Mr. Nestico.

One thing that has always intrigued us, at least in a silly, coincidental sort of way, begins with the fact that many of the Count Basie band’s best 1960’s arrangements were written by Sammy Nestico. Any dweeb who ever played in his high school jazz or stage band has played a Nestico arrangement at least once, however poorly. In shades of Oprah and Uma, the coincidental part of this is the fact that Basie’s tenor saxophone soloist in the mid-1960’s was Sal Nistico. For years, everyone–including these two fellas–assumed it was nothing more than an odd coincidence. It turned out–after some research on Sammy’s part–that they are, in fact, cousins. Who knew?

The folks over at elaborate on it in an interview they did with Sammy a while back. It’s a great little blog, and while it’s not nearly as ill-tempered as ours, it’s worth a look. Here’s a link to the article: The video here will give you a little taste of Mr. Nistico’s (that’s Sal, not Sammy) prodigious tenor chops.

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