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Bud Powell, during his “decline”.

Bud Powell, the pianist most identified with bebop, and a musician who deserves much of the credit for setting modern jazz’s high technical standards, was generally considered to be in steady decline after several mental health crises in the late 1940’s and early ’50’s. Powell had burst on the jazz scene as a 16 year-old […]

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A case of art imitating art.
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A case of art imitating art.

We love movies. Hell, we love movies almost as much as we love music. But unlike creative American forms such as jazz, rock and country, movies are no more dead or alive today than they’ve ever been, which bodes well for cinema’s future. Or sounds its death knell. Whatever. We love ’em regardless. Combining these […]

Separated at birth?
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Separated at birth?

Your (mostly one-man) staff here at Dead Like Jazz has been seriously “afk” for a few days, mostly due to an intervention by real life. A car accident to be specific. Luckily, even agnostics like us are blessed from time to time, and we escaped with minor, but reasonably painful, injuries. That relegated us to […]

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