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A conversation with my idiot twin.


Idiot Twin: “I see where Bob Seger died.”

Me: “No, that was Pete Seeger who died. The folksinger.”

Idiot Twin: “I didn’t know Bob Seger had a brother. A folksinger, eh? Like Marshal Dillion?”

Me: “You’re thinking of Bob Dylan. Marshal Dillon was a character on TV. You know, Matt Dillon, on the old ‘Gunsmoke’ show.”

Idiot Twin: “Matt Dillon? The actor? He was hilarious in ‘Something About Mary’.”

Me: “No, I meant the character ‘Matt Dillon’, as portrayed by James Arness.”

Idiot Twin: “Oh, sure. He was married to Lucy.”

Me: “No, that was Desi Arnaz, the Cuban guy.”

Idiot Twin: “Yep. The guy who owns the Dallas Mavericks. Arrogant prick.”

Me: “Dammit, no! Now you’re getting Desi mixed up with Mark Cuban, the rich guy.”

Idiot Twin: ” “Rich Guy? I saw his brother, Buddy, in Chicago, once. Awesome blues guitarist.”

Me: “NO! Buddy Guy’s brother does NOT own a basketball team! Anyway, Pete Seeger died.”

Idiot Twin: “So, did he ever do any of his brother’s songs?”


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